Hello Friends & Pride Supporters

Comox Valley Pride is very proud to host annual events such as Pride In The Park and Pride Dance fundraisers but we cannot do this alone. A great deal of time, planning and organizing goes into every event. We are making a call out to our supporters for some help. We are looking for more volunteers.

Please, if you have a desire to support the Pride events, have some free time to share, please send us an email to: [email protected] and let us know. We will contact you with more information.

The Safe Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, because having a Safe Culture is a personal, community, national and global choice that effects us all, the Pride Society of the Comox Valley (PSCV) has formed a group pledge initiative based on a community wide commitment to Safe E.D.I practices. Our hope is to initiate ongoing conversations in the pursuit of cultural excellence whereby we embrace cultural safety as the ideal.

The UBC Equity and Inclusion Office states: “A culturally safe environment is spiritually, socially and emotionally safe, as well as physically safe for people; where there is no assault, challenge or denial of their identity, of who they are and what they need.”

We recognize that a base understanding of diversity means not only having tolerance for, but striving to accept the broad range of differences in the lived experiences and perspectives of people.

Equity can be described as equal opportunity to succeed and participate, with respect to diverse needs, barriers and perspectives. 

Inclusion can be thought of as an active, intentional and continuous effort to build a respectful and diverse community that ensures welcoming spaces and opportunities for all to thrive. 

This pledge is meant as a jumping off place — It is an opportunity to begin constructive conversations. Meaningful inclusion involves commitments to safety, equity and the embracing of diversity. We hope you will join us by making your commitment and signing this pledge today.


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