Welcome!!! Thank you so much for filling out your application for membership today. We are so excited to have you on board as a champion for our cause. Holding active membership in The Pride Society of The Comox Valley means having a vote on how we conduct ourselves, what we lobby governing bodies for, how we move forward with our advocacy mission and what sort of behaviours are and are not acceptable within the Society and our events. We, as a group, are highly committed to the cause we serve and as such may hold applications for review to demonstrate a history of safe equity, inclusivity and diversity practice. As we work together for greater equity for LGBTQ2SI+ folks we would like to invite you, after you’ve applied for membership of course, to join our greater community by liking our page on Facebook and joining our Safe Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Coalition. We look forward to meeting you soon.

By applying for membership you agree to:

  • Volunteer as a champion for the mission and purpose of the Comox Valley Pride Society.  
  • Uphold the zero tolerance for bullying including social aggression, aggressive presentation, micro or other aggressions.    
  • Cooperate and collaborate for the benefit of the Society and the greater community while constructively, respectfully, and compassionately communicating with the members, directors and our greater communities.
  • Follow through with the commitments that hold a foundation for the Pride Society’s mission of unity found in our Safe Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Pledge which can be found and signed through the link on our home page.

2021 CVP Membership Request

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